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The BRAVO POS Suite is the newest and most comprehensive application out to help clubs get their revenue sources in-line and track and trend club information. We are pleased to launch our all new suite of products to better manage, track and analyze your revenue sources and maximize your bottom line. Our research shows that there is a 20-30% loss rate in ancillary revenue streams in adult night clubs. Our system will help eliminate loss, expand other revenue streams, and see it ll in reports and charts on an on going basis. The BRAVO ADULT MANAGEMENT SUITE is an all in one solution to any adult club trying to keep their losses low and profits up and growing. We include the latest technologies in our development including biometrics for signin, latest SQL Server database infrastructure, newest POS all in one terminals, and fastest most reliable thermal printers, and IP cameras. This solution was built, designed and influenced by club owners and operators, not just software designers.
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