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The Entertainer Tracker allows you to check-in Dancers, assign them to rooms or Booths for dances, know when they are supposed to be out of their dance with alerts on the screen, collect house all at once or throughout the night, set fines and pay fines, document payouts to the dancers for CC use or cash collected upfront for a dance and much more. Our CC processors we partner with allow use of "Funny Money" unlike all the traditional Merchant service providers so there are no denials when signing up for use of credit cards for funny money.
When a dancer's time has expired their data box turns red letting you know their time is up. When you click this box you get these options.
When a dancer comes out of the dance you can click their name and pay them their commission easily by clicking the PAY icon. No more confusion of when a dancer was paid or not.
IF a dancer has been fined for anything their name will be red in the tracker. If you click their name you can see what fines they have and have them pay it at any time.
 We have integrated biometric scanners for dancers to use to check-in, and for them to check in and out of a room. With this technology, we have also implemented user logins to use biometrics so there is are no more forgotten passwords, lost login cards or people sharing passwords.
The Dancer money function in the entertainer tracker allows you to print dancer Bucks, funny money, or whatever you want to call it, easily and securely through the system. We developed a system that is basically counterfeit proof and it only costs pennies per ticket to print.
With the integrated DJ module, the DJ will know when a dancer is in a dance and cannot be called for a stage call. On the other hand, if the dancer misses a stage call they can assign a fine from the app and it will show up on the tracker to be collected by the VIP host. The most thought out part of the system is the Entertainer Tracker. The depth of the design starts when a dancer first checks in. They must scan their finger print and be validated to prevent anyone who is not them logging them in. The Management system allows you to set house rates by time and increments throughout the night. A dancer checking in at 8pm pays less house than a dancer checking in at 1130PM. Its built into the system so a host cannot give breaks or change times to their favorites. When a dance is sold, a dancer also needs to scan their fingerprint to validate the time they came in and the time they came out. Right now it’s built into the terminal, but we are developing a stand alone kiosk to handle it all without user interaction. When a dancer starts their dance the system provides a graphical representation of the different rooms and placement of where they do their dances. Their profile picture is attached to the data block so you know who is who and where they are. When the time is up, the data block flashes red so the host can either pull them out or accept funds for more dances. This eliminates the problems with dancers doing more dances for free or keeps dancing with the customer not understanding they are being charged. Dances can be easily added if they purchase more by the click of a button. The customer can pay many different ways. They can pay by cash, CC, Dancer Dollars, or add it to their tab if the BRAVO BAR POS is being used at the bar and they have an open tab. There is a tab to pay out the dancer after their dance is completed so there is a timestamp on when they received their cut. Different club commissions are fully customizable in the manager section. Credit card commissions are automatically calculated and taken out also. There is a dancer fine system built into the dancer listing that shows if the dancer has been fined by the DJ system for a missed stage call or a manger in the management system for any other type of fine that could be accessed. Collection of the fines is also tracked and noted in reports. The closeout report shows incredible performance detail of each dancer and what hey are owed and what they made the club as well as a detail report of times and services provided. We can even overlay camera feeds from IP cameras in you layouts for rooms. We also have a selection of IP cameras and hubs to integrate into your club and add one more layer of tracking.
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