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In the manager module you have full control over everything! You can apply your own business rules or use the ones that come as default.
The dancer screen gives you full ability to put all relevant data in a dancer profile including pictures of IDs, contracts, and licenses (if your area has dancer licenses). If a dancer needs a license and it is expired, they will not be able to be added in the tracker till a valid date is filled in. Future updates will include a text message and email app to send mass messages to your entertainers with the click of a button.
You can make notes about a dancer that be can viewed later in their profile for anything you want. There is a blacklist option to "BLACKLIST" a dancer that should not be working in any club. Once blacklisted, anyone using this system will get a blacklist message once they try to add the dancer in the system.
You can add fine types, amounts, and assign fines to a dancer whenever you need to. These will show up in the entertainer tracker so they can be paid there or in the admin module, whenever you business rules require it to be paid.
In the servi es list, you can see all services completed for a range of dates. If you need to cancel a service this is where you do it.
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